Christmas Red Truck Online Pre-Recorded Painting Class

Christmas Red Truck Online Pre-Recorded Painting Class

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Please provide your email so we can email you the link to the prerecorded class. Please allow 24 hours for the email. 

For alerts on new classes please follow us on our Facebook group and Facebook page:

If you are willing please share your artwork on our Facebook group to show others your beautiful work and your experience taking the pre-recorded class. Any recommendations help our small business out greatly! Thank you! 

list of materials:

Yellow acrylic paint

Brown Acrylic Paint

Red Acrylic Paint 

Black Acrylic Paint

White Acrylic Paint

Blue Acrylic Paint 

Gray Acrylic Paint 

Tan Acrylic Paint 

Green Acrylic Paint 

**you do not have to use my brand. You can use any brand of acrylic**

1 Large And 1 Small Brush

Any size canvas, slate etc. for this piece try and get something that isn’t square. A 10”x14” for example

A pencil (for canvas) or chalk (for slate)

Paper towel

Cup of water