Memorial Wind Chimes
Memorial Wind Chimes
Memorial Wind Chimes
Memorial Wind Chimes

Memorial Wind Chimes

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the perfect to get a loved one who just lost someone special. 


  • CRAFTED WITH LOVE: Honor the memory of a special person or milestone. These memorial wind chimes will make the perfect ambiance for those peaceful moments to unwind. Hang them inside or outside. You and your neighbors will love the deep, melodic tone of these wind chimes
  • BLEND OF STYLE & FUNCTION: Using sustainable Aluminum, the sleek, finely tuned tubes elegantly play against the woodsy natural appeal of bamboo. The minimalist lines create a modern look that will fit in with any garden atmosphere or patio setting. Secured with black nylon string, they hang from a discreet silver ring. This all comes together to make a beautiful wind chime.
  • MELODIC TONE WIND CHIME: Wind chimes outdoor with durable aluminum tubing, achieves soothing and clear sounds. Bring subtle, relaxing melodies to your home & to your neighbors for a happy atmosphere.
  • PERFECT GIFT: These joyous memorial wind chimes are a thoughtful gift for treasured people in your life. Wind chimes are a symbol of good fortune, and reflect the message of the gift giver. They're an excellent gift for Woman's Day, Mother's Day and as birthday gifts.
  • BEAUTIFUL DECORATION These chimes can be hung on a porch, in a garden, or in any location where they can add the ambiance of gentle, relaxing sound. With each gentle breeze, you'll be reminded of special moments

Product Description

You like how our chimes sound, but do you know why you like them?

The secret is in the five core notes, which together are called a pentatonic scale

•There is a reason you like it, and a reason it sounds familiar.

•It is the music-based equivalent of what vowels are to the alphabet.

•The pentatonic scale is universal: all cultures have used it in one way or another.

•Choosing that specific pattern of notes creates harmonies that have the best chance of sounding great no matter how randomly they play out, which is essential in a wind chime.